I Became a Crazy Swordsmanship Instructor in the Game: From Washed-Up to Redemption

i became a crazy swordsmanship instructor in the game


Former troublemaker Philip suddenly finds himself back in the setting of a game he used to play. But instead of gaining the abilities of the strong protagonist, he becomes Philip Oswald, the “crazy” swordsmanship teacher in the game. Now that he has less time and a damaged reputation, Philip needs to improve himself and get over his past in order to be a good role model for the pupils at the academy.

Challenges and Stakes[I became a crazy swordsmanship instructor in the game]

Skill Gap

Philip is thrust into a position where he needs to reach the level of the original Philip Oswald, known for his unparalleled swordsmanship prowess. This is no small feat, as the original Philip was a prodigy with a near-mythical reputation. The gap between his current abilities and where he needs to be is daunting, requiring intensive training and an unyielding commitment to improvement.

Time Pressure

Compounding his challenges is the pressure of time. Philip has a short window before the semester begins to transform himself into a competent instructor. This time constraint adds a sense of urgency to his training regimen, pushing him to achieve rapid progress.

Negative Reputation

Philip’s past behavior precedes him, casting a shadow over his current efforts. His reputation as a troublemaker makes both staff and students wary, adding another layer of difficulty to his journey. Overcoming this negative perception is essential for gaining the trust and respect of those around him.

High Expectations

Adding to the pressure is the high expectation placed upon him due to his mother, Celenia, a respected figure at the academy who had a close relationship with the Headmaster, Dae Hyeonja Rosello Graham. This connection means that Philip’s performance is under intense scrutiny, as many hope to see him live up to his mother’s legacy.

Unique Assets

Prodigy Potential

Despite his flaws, Philip possesses latent swordsmanship talent. This prodigious potential, if unlocked, could enable him to not only reach but perhaps even surpass the skills of the original Philip Oswald. Recognizing and cultivating this inherent talent is key to his redemption.

Game Knowledge

Philip’s intimate knowledge of the game’s events and the original Philip’s abilities provides him with a strategic advantage. This familiarity allows him to anticipate challenges and opportunities, giving him an edge in his quest to improve.

Problem-Solving Skills

Philip’s background in investigative work has endowed him with sharp problem-solving skills. These skills can aid his training by allowing him to approach swordsmanship from a unique and analytical perspective, identifying efficient methods for improvement.


Philip’s commitment to changing his ways and proving himself is perhaps his greatest asset. This determination drives him to overcome obstacles and persevere through the rigorous demands of his training.

Key Relationships

Dae Hyeonja Rosello Graham (Headmaster)

The Headmaster, a powerful and influential figure at the academy, holds high expectations for Philip. His relationship with Celenia further intensifies his interest in Philip’s development, making him both a source of support and pressure.

Celenia (Philip’s Mother)

Celenia’s love for Philip, despite his flaws, and her close connection to the Headmaster, creates a complex backdrop for Philip’s journey. Her legacy looms large over Philip, serving as both an inspiration and a source of immense pressure.

Felicia Oswald (Sister)

Felicia, Philip’s highly skilled sister, harbors deep resentment towards him. This animosity adds an emotional layer to Philip’s challenges, as he seeks to mend their fractured relationship while proving himself.

Story Arc


Philip awakens in the game world, disoriented and bewildered by his new identity. He quickly realizes that he is not the powerful protagonist but the flawed and infamous swordsmanship instructor, Philip Oswald. This jarring reality sets the stage for his journey of redemption.

Assessment & Resolution

Philip assesses his situation, recognizing the vast gap between his current abilities and the expectations placed upon him. He sets clear goals to improve his skills and rehabilitate his reputation, determined to rise to the challenge.

Trials & Tribulations

Philip undergoes rigorous training, facing numerous challenges from students and colleagues who doubt his capabilities. His training is marked by physical exhaustion, mental strain, and moments of self-doubt. However, his determination and latent talent gradually begin to shine through.

Redemption in Progress

Through hard work and dedication, Philip starts to earn trust and respect. His improvements in swordsmanship are noticed, and his efforts to change his behavior and attitude begin to pay off. Relationships with students and staff start to thaw, as they witness his sincere commitment to improvement.

Unforeseen Obstacles

Just as Philip begins to make significant progress, new conflicts or revelations about his past arise. These obstacles test his resolve and force him to confront the deeper issues that have plagued him.


Philip faces a critical test of his abilities or character, a moment that will determine whether he can truly redeem himself. This test could be a significant duel, a strategic challenge, or a personal confrontation that requires him to apply all the lessons he has learned.

Resolution & Transformation

Philip proves his worth through this climactic event, earning respect and solidifying his path to redemption. He takes a significant step towards transforming himself into the mentor and role model he aspires to be.


Second Chances

Philip’s journey underscores the power of redemption and the possibility of self-improvement. His story highlights that even those with a troubled past can change and make a positive impact.

Overcoming Obstacles

Facing and overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges is a central theme. Philip’s determination to bridge the skill gap, manage time pressure, and improve his reputation exemplifies the human spirit’s resilience.

Strength & Growth

The story explores the potential within ourselves and the growth that comes from pushing beyond our limits. Philip’s transformation from a washed-up troublemaker to a respected instructor is a testament to the strength and growth achievable through dedication and perseverance.


Unresolved Tensions

What will Philip discover about the reason for his animosity with his sister, Felicia? This unresolved tension hints at deeper family issues that may be central to Philip’s journey.

Emerging Threats

Will a new threat emerge, testing Philip’s skills and resolve before he’s fully prepared? This potential threat adds an element of suspense, suggesting that Philip’s challenges are far from over.

Haunted Past

How will Philip’s past come back to haunt him, jeopardizing his newfound path? This question raises the stakes, indicating that Philip’s redemption will require him to confront and overcome his past demons fully.


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Philip’s transformation from a reformed troublemaker to a well-respected swordsmanship teacher is a powerful story of personal growth and atonement. His distinct qualities and unwavering perseverance allow him to overcome major obstacles and develop into a role model for his students. Unresolved conflicts, impending danger, and his troubled past, however, imply that his path is far from finished. Philip’s story serves as a potent reminder of the strength and development that can be attained through tenacity and determination as he works to improve his abilities and restore his reputation.


  1. Who is Philip Oswald in “I Became a Crazy Swordsmanship Instructor in the Game”?
    • Philip Oswald is the protagonist, a former troublemaker transported into the game world as a swordsmanship instructor with a tarnished reputation.
  2. What challenges does Philip Oswald face in the game world?
    • Philip faces a significant skill gap, time pressure to improve before the semester, a negative reputation, and high expectations from his peers and family.
  3. What unique assets does Philip possess in his journey?
    • Philip has latent swordsmanship talent, knowledge of the game’s events and abilities, problem-solving skills, and strong determination.
  4. How does Philip’s past affect his role at the academy?
    • His troubled past makes staff and students wary, and he must work hard to overcome his negative reputation and gain their trust.
  5. What are the main themes in Philip’s story?
    • The main themes are second chances, overcoming obstacles, and personal strength and growth through dedication and perseverance.

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